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Holiday Outdoor Gift Guide: Duck Hunting

Check out these five Arkansas Outdoors Online duck hunting gifts for duck hunter in your family this Christmas. This is part 1 of our 7-part holiday hunting gear review guide. Check back every day or two for new hunting gear reviews, just in time for the holidays. And don’t forget to sign-up in the Arkansas hunting and fishing forum.

Benelli Super Black Eagle II Semi-Auto Shotgun

Outdoor Gear Reviews - Benelli

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better duck hunting shotgun on the market today than Benelli’s inertia-driven Super Black Eagle II. Simple to take apart and clean, lightweight, and featuring its recoil-reducing ComfortTech stock, this benelli shotgun raises the question, “is this the best shotgun ever made?

Arkansas Outdoors Online Rating: Hunting gear review rating

Echo Timber Duck Calls

Echo calls duck hunting gear reviews

Solid Performance. Moderate Price. Arkansas-based Echo Calls’ over 100 national contest awards speak for themselves. The Echo Timber Calls are perfect for hunting timber hotspots, and are some of the best sounding calls you’ll find — and they don’t break the bank.

Arkansas Outdoors Online Rating: Echo Calls hunting gear reviews

Greenhead Gear Life Size Series Mallard Decoys

Hunting gear reviews - duck decoys

For the money, there’s not a better duck decoy on the market than Greenhead Gear’s Life Size Series Mallard Duck Decoys. Molded from original world-class carvings, GHG decoys are lightweight, realistic and durable. Features realistic color schemes, unique body positions and weighted keels so they stay in place in harsh conditions.

Arkansas Outdoors Online Rating: duck decoys outdoors gear reviews

Cabelas’ SuperMag 1600 Chest Waders

outdoors gear reviews - wadersThe Cabelas SuperMag 1600 Chest Waders earn a perfect 5-stars from Arkansas Outdoors Online for both performance and price. Featuring 5mm neoprene with patented Armor-Flex, 1,600-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation bootfeet, and 24 handly shell loops, the $199 price tag is a bargain.

Arkansas Outdoors Online Rating: Hunting gear review rating

Winchester Supreme 3.5 inch #2 or #4 Shotgun Shells

Hunting gear reviews - shotgun shells

The perfect stocking-stuffer, Winchester Supreme® High Velocity Drylok Super Steel® and Super-X Drylok Super Steel™ Shotshells give you the ultimate in water-resistant, high-velocity, knock-down performance in any foul-weather hunting condition.

Arkansas Outdoors Online Rating: duck decoys outdoors gear reviews

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