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Holiday Outdoor Gift Guide: Arkansas Bow Hunting

Hoyt Katera

hoy katera gear reviews

Even if you’re not a Hoyt shooter, it’s easy to appreciate all that the Katera has to offer. Two key factors to this bow’s success is the Stealthshot string-stop feature, and the all new Z3 Cam & 1/2 System. The Katera comes with all the speed you could ever want for Arkansas bow hunting, but with enough shootability for average shooters.

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Rage 3-Blade Expandable Mechanical Broadheads

rage 3 blade outdoor gear review

Stocking Stuffer:
Get the Arkansas bow hunter in your family the mechanical broadhead that won’t fail you. The Rage 3 is not only dependable (guaranteed to deploy before entry), but it inflicts damage unlike anything seen on the mechanical broadhead market today.

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Stealth Cam® Epic Cam Action Sport Video Camera

The only thing better than harvesting a deer with a bow is capturing it on video. With the Stealth Cam Video Camera, you can do just that. The cam conveniently mounts on your gun or bow stabilizer, and features up to 200 minutes of AVI video with continuous audio or 5.0 MP jpeg images. And it’s ultra-lightweight at only 3.0 ounces. Video quality is just “OK” overall, but the fun you’ll have with this baby while Arkansas bow hunting is well worth the $169.99 price tag.

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Tru-Fire® 360 Elite Buckle Foldback Release

hunting gear reviews - bow release

The best feature about this Tru-Fire release is its foldback design that keeps the arm from loudly flopping around while you move and make adjustments in your stand. But the releases 360 degree head shouldn’t go unnoticed either, as it allows you to place the trigger in the position you feel most comfortable shooting from. The head can also be locked in place.

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Summit Razor SS Treestand

outdoor gears reviews - treestandCompact, lightweight, durable and easy to carry. The Razor SS sit-down/stand-up climber is a must-have Arkansas bow hunting tool. It includes an EZ climbing bar that easily folds out of the way, and the cable attachment system makes for easy setup.It also fits together perfectly for easy carry when you’re ready to move it to a different area.

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