published March 1, 2010 by Ben Adams

How to Choose a Fly Line

Choosing a new fly line can be a challenging job when you consider all of the options. The fly line is that piece of gear that we all take for granted. It is the one thing that can actually improve your casting.

Back in the day, when everyone fished with bamboo rods, the fly line of choice was made of silk. They had to be dressed with a waterproofing paste before each use. These lines were tapered at each end (the taper allowed for a delicate presentation). After fishing the line for a few hours, it began to absorb water would start to sink. The angler would remove the line from the reel and turn it around. He would then fish the dry half for the remainder of the day. These lines are still available for $150.00 to $175.00.

Today, one of the most interesting new,modern fly lines is Scientific Angler’s (3M) Sharkskin line. This line has a textured finish like sharkskin that has a reduced drag on the rod guides. This reduced drag allows you to cast this line further, all for only $100.00. I have had several clients absolutely swear by this line. I found that it makes a whirring sound when you cast it, which I found distracting. I had one client that had to use band aids on his finger, because the line abraded it.

Come inside to discover more tips on how to choose a fly line.

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