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Hunting apps for the iPhone

You can find an app for just about anything for your smartphone these days. And when I say anything, I mean anything: Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Pandora, ESPN, etc. Besides these, you can also score some pretty cool hunting apps that can help you out during deer season. I have four that I have found that I really like:

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has an app that is free to download. This app is full of information and handy tools to use to make hunting a little easier. Instead of carrying around a book with the hunting season dates, it’s included in the app. You can also check your game instantly instead of calling it in to their hotline. Another cool feature is the Trophy Room that allows you to upload pictures of your latest catch or your giant buck! I’ve used this app several times to check game in and it always works. If you hunt or fish in Arkansas, this app is a must have!

















iSolunar is another hunting app that gives you the Major/Minor activity times for fish and game. This app isn’t free but for $4.99, is still a pretty good deal.  You can add any location where you hunt and it will keep that information in the app.   iSolunar is a very detailed app giving a hunter sunrise/sunset, exact times when the feeding periods start, weather conditions and also has a Trophy Room function. I check this app prior to every hunt to see when the most activity will occur.















I haven’t had the chance to use this app yet but I hope I get to soon! You can score your buck instantly with this app. For $0.99 I thought it would be worth it to download. I have messed around with this app and it seems pretty easy to use. Even comes with a fraction conversion section! A couple of people I work with have used it and they seem pretty pleased with the results. It’s not an official score but gives a hunter an idea of how big their buck is.


The Weather Channel

What hunter doesn’t check the weather out before they head to the woods? The Weather Channel’s app is free to download and you can store multiple locations and simply scroll through them to get detailed weather updates. This is the most up to date and accurate weather app I’ve been able to find. You can choose options for each location of: Current Weather, Hourly, 36-Hour, and the 10 Day forecast.  Download this app and you won’t be disappointed.

What apps do you use for hunting season? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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