published January 7, 2009 by Matt Livingston

Late Season Arkansas Duck Hunting

Frustration in an Arkansas duck hunter’s mind can be seen when everything seems perfect — you have a perfectly laid-out spread, you’re enticing them with the most seducing welcome call — but ducks lock-up, make a pass and just don’t circle back.

What happened? Those birds were totally committed to your spread, but when that last turn came around, they simply did not make it. Experience says your early season decoy spread and/or your perfect calling did not entice those late season weary, hard-nosed ducks.

“I hunt in rice fields, where many hunters leave huge spreads out all year,” Dr. Brian Davis says. “They work well early in the season. But by late December and January, the ducks have started pair-bonding. Then I do better with a small spread that mimics this change in the birds’ behavior.”

Changing your strategy late in the Arkansas duck hunting season makes the difference in limiting out and breakfast at the Hurley House in Hazen, or not limiting out and lunch at the Hurley House. This post will cover calling and decoy strategies for Arkansas duck hunting late in the season.

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