published February 13, 2018 by David Faulk

Light Goose Conservation Order- no limits, no plugs!

The  light goose conservation order is in full swing. This special season is an effort to try and reduced the snow/blue/Ross goose population. For quite some time now the light goose population has been exploding. They are wrecking havoc on the breeding grounds, and the issue needs to be addressed. Luckily the USFWS grants us the opportunity to extend our waterfowl season and chase these birds. 

There are some essentials items that you will need for hunting these birds. First and foremost. Decoys, and lots of them. Most guys run no less than 600 decoys. The larger the spread the better. These birds travel in large flocks, so realism improves as the size of the spread increases. When it comes to decoys full bodies offer the most realism, but come with increased size, and increased time for deployment. Many hunters employ framed windsocks. Large quantities can be purchased, stored, and deployed in a relatively short time. Another great attribute of the sock decoys is during a windy day they offer great movement. A perfect spread consists of a mixture of socks, and full bodies.

Most people wear white outfits over using layouts. A great choice is to go to any local hardware store and purchase a painters suit. Any white outfit will work, but a painters suit can be picked up for under $10 and can be disposed when it becomes too muddy. When it comes to layouts many hunters use a low profile  blind, like the Avery Powerhunter or Tanglefree Mud Blind. They both offer back support, while being extremely low profile.

Another essentials item is the e caller. Without an e collar it is much more difficult to trick large groups of snows into your spread. No amount of callers can ever match the racket that a group of snows feeding make. An additional great addition to your spread is a rotary machine.  Many companies offer rotary machines.  Like spinning wing decoys these provide movement, flash, and appearance of many birds.

We want to wish you success and safety as young extend your waterfowl season into spring with the Light Goose Conservation Season. Submit your photos to or tag us on Facebook and Instagram. 


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