published October 1, 2009 by Ben Adams

Live Update from the Tree Stand

Greetings from the tree stand! We are going to give this type of live update a try this year. What can I say, with the iPhone, anything is possible!

Nice low 60’s morning here in Central Arkansas. The cloud cover is heavy and the skies are looking more ominous; I’m guessing rain is on the way, though I’ve not checked the radar with my weather channel app yet. A guy would think the deer would be moving like crazy this morning, as there wasn’t any moonlight last night.

I’ve seen 3 does this morning, one solo and a another with its yearling. I also have two squirrels one tree over that is driving me insane! No big bucks, but did get a nice photo of the first doe. If I can’t shoot anything with my Hoyt, I always like having my Nikon handy. The game and fish forecast is whispering in my ear to stay on the stand until at least noon, so I’m going to stick with it.

E-mailed the doe photo to Matt back in the office; he’ll attach it to the post for all of you guys to see. Good luck to everyone, and if you get a big one post some pics in the forum!

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