published November 19, 2010 by Matt Livingston

Mobile Waterfowl Migration Map from Delta Waterfowl

Well the time has come for those that waited. The mobile waterfowl migration map is now available in iTunes. Search for WhereTheDuck, Delta Waterfowl, or click this iTunes link. Arkansas Duck Hunting

The Delta Waterfowl mobile migration map is cutting-edge technology to help the Arkansas duck hunting enthusiast get a better grasp on how the ducks are moving. This duck hunting iPhone app has two types of waterfowl migration map reports—trusted reports from guides and outfitters, and user-submitted reports.

The trusted reports are from pro staffers with Buck Gardner, Final Approach, Tanglefree, and of course, Arkansas Outdoors Online. The user-submitted reports are from the end users that purchase the iPhone app and submit their own report.

You will need an account to publish your own report, so take a few seconds to register for your username and password.  The app is excellent source of information, and a definite resource for duck hunters to stay up-to-date on the latest migration patterns.

Future plans for the app will make it even more valuable and increase the price, so get it while you can at $1.99.

Come into the Arkansas Duck Hunting forum to get a chance at some free codes for the app.

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