published January 7, 2010 by Matt Livingston

More Late Season Arkansas Duck Hunting Tips

This late season tip for hunting ducks in Arkansas is brought to you by our friends over at Game and Fish Mag.

Hunting late season Arkansas Ducks

Hunting ducks in Arkansas is hard enough — from overcrowded wildlife management areas to weary ducks and uncooperative weather — but hunting ducks late in the season is just about as hard as Arkansas duck hunting gets. We hope this year’s late season waterfowling tip helps you out this weekend because the Arkansas weather sure won’t with temperatures forecasted to be in the single digits.

“Good weather for ducks” always means bad weather for hunters. This month’s sudden turn toward wintry conditions also freezes small inland waters and drives ducks and geese to the big lakes, rivers and coastal marshes. December’s frequent northwest cold fronts or northeastern coastal storms will also put a chill in your bones and bring safety to the forefront.

Harsh conditions await hunters determined to get in on the hot shooting opportunities, but with severe weather and good gunning come conditions that early-season hunters rarely have to deal with. Ice on decoys and gear, different rig setups, rough water conditions, substantial clothing, warmer blinds and modifying hunting times may all figure into your game plan.

Here are some tips and tactics for foul-weather hunting when “fowl” weather is at its best… Read the rest in the Arkansas Duck Hunting Forum

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