published February 2, 2011 by Ben Adams

Nightscape Outdoor Photography Tips

I’ve been very fortunate the last few years to have the opportunity to spend several days hiking through the woods with some of the best nature photographers in the state. I know that sounds like fun, and it is, I must admit.  Along with the good times and fantastic photos comes a very hectic schedule and much hard work that wears you down in a hurry.  Getting up early, hiking in the dark to reach the raging waters spilling over the bluffs, or the sunrise peaking over the mountaintops — shooting sunsets and wildlife will have you wondering through the woods well after dark.

I have recently noticed a big flaw with my scheduling.  By leaving camp an hour or so before sunrise and returning usually an hour or so after sunset, I’ve missed out on some great photography adventures.  Nightscape photography is something I’ve started trying to do more often.  The moon and a timed exposure can bring out enough light to produce photographs with many different outcomes.

It’s easy to use the darkness as a tool. Come inside the Arkansas hunting and fishing forum to find out how.

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