published November 11, 2009 by Ben Adams

Outdoor Gift Guide 2009: Duck Hunting

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about what gift you’ll give the outdoor fanatic in your family. If his or her favorite spot in the world is a duck blind, take a close look at this list of top 5 gifts for waterfowl hunters.

Black Cloud Ammo Black Cloud Ammo’s catch phrase is “they make it rain ducks.” Sure, ok, nice advertising. But let’s look past all the marketing hyperbole and get to the real truth about Black Cloud. Plain and simple, they make it rain ducks. Seriously. Featuring extended range, superb knockdown power and superior pattern tightening technology, Black Clouds are THE shell to use this season.

Avery Boaters Dog Parka – Probably the only thing the hunter in your family likes more than limiting out on ducks is his/her trusty companion. Give them something they’ll both like with the Avery Dog Parka from Macks PW. Afterall, you’re not the only one that gets cold on those freezing late November mornings.

Drake Floating Gun Case – There are lots of gun cases on the market, many of which cost well over $100. Don’t pay it. For $30.00, this Drake case is all you need and more to keep your shotgun safe and dry. It’s moisture-absorbing nylon denier material and outer pocket (for extra choke, calls, etc.) are a just a couple of it’s best features.

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