published December 21, 2009 by Ben Adams

Photography Tips: Photo Composition

Whether downing your limit of ducks, or finally catching up to
Outdoor Photography tips
that big buck you’ve been after for months, some of the proudest moments for hunters are often captured on film posing with their harvest. Taking these stationary photos seem simple enough. Hunter. Harvest. Shotgun, rifle or bow — all placed neatly within camera-shot. However, there are several points to keep in mind to increase your chances of taking a great photo.  Here are four of the most important:

Fill the Frame – If your son shoots a nice buck. Step up! Focus on what is important: your son and his buck, not his shoes, his truck or any thing else. Step close enough or zoom in to fill the frame with your subject. If you’re snapping a shot of your friend sitting on the ground with the head of the fresh kill proudly displayed in his/her lap. I think you should take a knee to get eye to eye with your subject. Keep in mind this will dramatically change the background.

Avoid Background Clutter – Keep clutter out of the background. If it doesn’t add to the photo then it takes a little away. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid every single background object due to the surrounding environment. Instead of a beautiful sunset, rolling hills, or any other striking backdrop, you could have houses or a highway, etc. The solution?

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