published March 3, 2009 by Ben Adams

Poorman’s Corner with Fishing Guide and TV Host Larry Hurley

Well, this week was a week of change. We saw the weather go from warm with blue-bird colored skies to cold, and snowy with bone-chilling winds.

The fish had change on their mind as well.

Another Day of Fishing with host Larry HurleyThe last 3 to 4 weeks it was pretty simple to go throw a rayburn red rattle trap in 8 to 12 foot of water and catch fish. But last week, while filming a episode of Another Day of Fishing, it was all about making on-the-fly decisions. We felt that the fish were really scattered and it would be better to cover a lot of water instead of trying to milk a just one or two areas for a limit.

Even though we had strong northwest winds, we decided to fish two different creeks. The bass, for whatever reason, decided they didn’t like rattle traps. They’d take the bait fast, but the fish pulled off as if they were just hitting the bait but not eating it.

The next game plan was a Revenge shad-color spinnerbait. This was the right decision because on the 5th cast a 5 lb bass sucked it up and became the first one going to the scales.

Read the rest of Larry’s column in the Arkansas Fishing Forum.

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