published May 6, 2009 by Matt Livingston

Price of Federal Duck Stamp to Increase

I know everyone has been fired up lately about Arkansas Turkey Hunting, and getting ready for the rain to stop so you can hit your favorite Arkansas lakes or river, but an important bill is being brought to the table in Washington concerning duck hunting.

WASHINGTON- Migratory Bird Conservation Commission members Congressman John Dingell (Mich.) and Robert Wittman (Va.) introduced legislation in Congress to increase the availability and buying power of the Federal Duck Stamp – a move designed to continue the success that the stamp has had in conserving waterfowl habitat across the United States.

The increase in the price of the Federal Duck Stamp would be much needed in my opinion. The price has not increased since 1991 and needs an increase to help with the rising costs of land conservation in the pothole regions of the US and Canada.Federal Duck Stamp Price increase

The benefit of increasing the cost of the Federal Duck Stamp far out- weighs the inconvenience of the extra money we will be required to pay in order to chase our favorite waterfowl.

Since the creation of the Federal Duck Stamp in 1934, sales from the stamp have topped $700 million and have conserved more than 5.2 million acres of habitat. This needs to continue for the future generations of Arkansas duck hunters.

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