published April 15, 2009 by Ben Adams

Rainy Day Hatch

I had just met the deadline to submit my weekly fishing report and I was ready to get away from the computer for a while. From my desk, I can see the bluffs above the White River here in Cotter. It is a constant reminder that I need to go fishing.

I checked the river conditions and noted that the Norfork was off and the prediction was for no generation for the rest of the day. I checked the weather. There was rain and heavy wind in the forecast. I carefully studied the weather radar and surmised that the rain would be relatively light. I chose to ignore the lake wind advisories. I wanted to fish! I figured that the questionable weather would keep most other anglers at home, giving me plenty of water to fish.

I asked my wife, Lori, if she wanted to go with me. She had a dental appointment and couldn’t go. I asked my yellow Lab, Ellie, and fortunately for me she had the afternoon free. I quickly gathered up my gear and loaded it and Ellie into my ancient Volvo station wagon.

We drove over to the Ackerman Access. When I arrived, I was a bit disappointed to see that my car was the eighth car in the lot and a couple more arrived almost immediately.

I pulled out my wader bag and went about the task of donning my waders and stringing my rod.

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