published November 13, 2008 by Ben Adams

Rattlin’ During the Rut

Whether you’re carrying a rattle bag or just a couple of old sheds, rattling is one of the most effective deer hunting strategies you can master. Of course, rattling techniques can vary depending on the hunter giving the advice, so here are a few well-known tips and tricks to remember for the remainder of the 2008 Arkansas deer hunting season.

  • During peak rut, when the bucks are most active, use short, loud rattling sequences. Rattling Arkansas Deer
  • When you rattle, bring the racks together with a crash, then roll your wrists and grind the racks together, simulating two bucks pushing and shoving each other for 1-3 minutes. Then stop and listen for a buck’s approach for a few minutes before beginning again. Try for two or three rounds of this.
  • Rustling leaves and pounding the ground with a stick or rattling racks, and grunting and blowing, add realism to the sound of rattling and thrashing.
  • Patience is a virtue. Bucks may respond to rattling from as far as 1/2 mile if the weather and terrain allow, and may take up to a 30 minutes to come in. Rattle every 15-30 minutes to keep the buck interested, but be sure to keep your eyes open and stop rattling if a buck appears in sight.
  • Mature bucks responding to rattling or calls generally approach from downwind, so keep this in mind when deciding the direction to face.
  • If you don’t get a response when you rattle, wait a half hour and try again. Then try a different area all-together, such as your alternate stand.

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