published May 4, 2009 by Ben Adams

Remarkable Day at Bull Shoals

I recently guided an attorney from Knoxville. It was a last minute booking. When I returned home from my guide trip on the previous day, there was a phone message from my fishing buddy and fellow guide, George Peters. He was scheduled to take a client out but was unable to do so, due to circumstances beyond his control. I agreed and we set up a pick up time at his business, Roundhouse Shoals Trout Dock, at 7:30 AM.

It was very close to my house (maybe six blocks), so I arrived a little early. I sat on a bench by the river and drank in the beauty of the early morning on the river. It was to be a two-boat trip and the other guide, Marc Poulos, arrived a few minutes later. We talked about fishing conditions and where to fish that day. We agreed that the best fishing should be at the Catch and Release section below Bull Shoals Dam.

We rigged the rod with a hot pink San Juan worm and launched the boat. Brandon mentioned that he had never fished a San Juan worm. I explained that it was a popular fly here, particularly on high water. We motored up to the dam and began our drift. The weather was nice with reasonable winds and the water flows were moderate, maybe three and a half full generators.

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