published August 30, 2010 by Ben Adams

Selecting a Fly Rod

I received a new fly fishing catalogue in the mail yesterday that featured no less than fourteen different brands of fly rods. For each brand there were dozens of differentmodels, lengths, weights and number of pieces. I thought to myself, how could any new or even experienced angler  make a decision with so many options?

Of all of the decisions facing the fly fisher, this is easily the most complicated. With the cost of some rods exceeding several thousand dollars, making the wrong decision can be an expensive mistake. There are a lot of criteria to consider.

It all starts with a simple question. What will you be fishing for? The rod you need for largemouth bass is quite different from the rod you need to fish for small brook trout in high mountain streams. It is not necessarily the size of the fish you expect to catch, but the size of the fly you will be casting and where you will be casting it.

Fly rods are made from three basic materials …

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