published April 3, 2009 by Ben Adams

Sporty Wading at Rim Shoals in Mountain Home

I was eager to return to the river to get into the spectacular caddis hatches we have been having for the last few days. My yellow lab, Ellie, had some free time and was more than eager to accompany me. We had encountered a thunderstorm on the previous day and we were ready to get out of the house. It was sunny with a promise of high temperatures in the mid sixties with very little wind.

I called the Norfork dam and learned that there was one generator running on the White. I checked the current generation web site on the computer and noted it was very low levels of generation (approximately 1,100 cubic feet per second or about one third of a full generator). There had been no generation for a full week and the rising water had washed a lot of trash down stream. In addition, the previous day’s rain had further stained the water. The water level was just a bit higher than it would be on minimum flow which is reported to be about 800 cubic feet per second.

I waded across the top riffle with no problem. I consider myself a strong wader; I am a pretty big guy (not tall, but stout) and I have the best equipment available (top of the line Gore-Tex waders, studded wading boots and a high dollar collapsible wading staff).

It got me to thinking about how much Rim and other popular accesses would change under minimum flow. I don’t think that the young bucks will have much trouble but marginal waders will encounter some problems.

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