published May 14, 2009 by Ben Adams

Stormy Day on the White River

My clients, Brandon and Bill, were staying at River Ridge Inn and I picked them up there early and drove them over to Rim Shoals. When we arrived, I was a bit surprised to find the parking lot absolutely packed. It seems that just about every guide in the area had decided to fish there. There was Jimmy T, Clint Wilkerson, Denis Dunderdale, Ron Yarbrough, Steve Nelson, Kevin Brantonies, and myself.

There were several boats ahead of us lined up to launch. We donned our waders, rigged up our rods and prepared the boat for launching. By the time we were ready, our turn came. I began backing down the ramp. One of the other guides, Denis Dunderdale, came up to my window and told me that a bad storm was coming through and the other guides were pulling off the river.

I drove back up the ramp and parked. My clients and I walked over to the pavilion at Rim Shoals Trout Dock. We watched as the guides that had so recently launched their boats, quickly left the river. We heard distant thunder that rapidly drew closer. The rain started just as the last of the anglers arrived at the shelter. Lightning was popping around us.

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