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Strategies for River Fisherman: Part 2

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The points I made earlier about fishing upstream instead of down are not etched in stone and unwavering.

arkansas fishing tipsTo be sure, I have had many successful Arkansas fishing trips where I floated downstream with the current. And, not surprisingly, many long river holes have quality fishing in the very middle of them. However, they are always rock solid patterns and will greatly increase your chances of catching fish.

Two other reasons to base trips on fishing against the current involve using only one vehicle instead of two. Float trips usually require two trucks with one driven to the start of the trip and the other left in the area where you plan on ending. By floating upstream you can use just one vehicle and fish upstream and then pilot back down to the place where you started.

Equipping your boat with a strong trolling motor (take 2 batteries for safety ) and traveling against the current eliminates the other vehicle altogether. You approach the fish undetected and use very little time in the day coming back down to where you started. Secondly, you don’t have to have a fishing partner to assist you. I have very few people that river fish with me and the ones I do are not always available to go. Therefore, a man can go fishing by himself and effectively float a stream or river with no help using this river strategy. The trolling motor takes the work out of moving up and downstream and you can catch fish in the water you targeted on the way up.

Often other fish will move into structure where you caught fish earlier and as you return over that used water you can cast back into the area and catch even more. Rivers have prime spots where fish congregate to feed and rest so when one leaves the area another fish will quickly replace it — a very important thing to remember when maximizing fishing time.

Shane Goodner is a Central Arkansas fishing guide based in Hot Springs, Ark. To book a trip with Shane, visit Catch em All Guide

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