published September 4, 2009 by Ben Adams

The San Juan Worm

Last week, I finally got a chance to wade fish Rim Shoals on low water with my wife, Lori, and my yellow lab, Ellie. I caught a lot of good fish including a twenty inch rainbow on a grasshopper.

The biggest fish of the day, a much fatter twenty inch rainbow that put me into the backing before I finally landed it, was caught on a red San Juan worm.

It came as no surprise that I landed my biggest trout on this particular fly. Earlier in the month I had guided a client to a twenty six and a half inch brown while he fished with a hot pink San Juan worm. In fact, I have caught a substantial portion of my bigger fish on them. It is a fly that I personally fish every time I am on the river.

Our local rivers have aquatic worms. They tend to be small and either red or worm brown. Most of the worms available to trout come from the shore. Whenever it rains, worms are flushed out of the ground and washed into the river. Just after a rain is the best time to fish San Juan worms.

When is the best time to use the San Juan Worm? Read the rest of the article in the Arkansas Fishing Forum.

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