published February 22, 2010 by Ben Adams

Tools for Determining Water Conditions

I guide or fish on my own almost every day. Before I go out, I check water conditions. To accomplish this I have a morning ritual of checking several generation prediction websites.

The first website I visit is South West Power Administration’s generation prediction website. This tells what the generation will be for a given day. I choose the day of the week I want to study. The information for the next day is posted every afternoon around 5:00 PM. On Friday, the prediction for Saturday, Sunday and the next Monday is posted.(You can also conveniently find river and lake levels right here at

There are nineteen tail waters posted, including Bull Shoals, Norfork, etc.  The prediction is in columnar form and is listed as megawatts generated by hour. On the White, it takes about forty eight megawatts to equal one full generator and on the Norfork it is about forty six megawatts. If the prediction per hour is ninety megawatts, that would be about two full generators. I find this site to be accurate about six days out of seven.

Next I go to the Corps of Engineers current flow website . There are twelve tail waters listed.
Take all of these tools and you can enhance your understanding of water conditions. This can help you predict the best place and time to go fishing. Read all of the tools for determining water conditions in the Arkansas fishing forum.

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