published December 29, 2009 by Ben Adams

Trout Fishing with Weight

Trout feed on the bottom of the stream approximately ninety percent of the time. The main foods there are the nymphal form of aquatic insects, crustaceans (sowbugs and scuds), worms and fish eggs. These various food forms are generically known and fished as nymphs. There are also bait fish, which we imitate with streamers. The trick to fishing all of them is to deliver them to the bottom of the stream in as natural a state as possible. That is where weight comes in.

There are a few places to place the weight, on the fly, the leader or the fly line. I generally weight most of my nymphs. One way to weight flies is to wrap lead wire around the hook as the first step in tying the fly. When I first started tying flies, we would use Buss fuse wire to weight them.

The classic method to add weight to the leader is to use split shot. I don’t know about you but I tend to drop them. In addition, I do not like the fact that I have to use my forceps to crimp them on. Once you get them on they are difficult to remove. Despite these failings I find them really effective for adding weight to leaders quickly, particularly in deep heavy flows.

Read on for more strategies on how to effectively catch trout using weight in the Arkansas Fishing Forum.

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