published July 31, 2009 by Ben Adams

Trout Habitat Project at Bull Shoals

Trout Fishing at Bull Shoals DamFor the past few months, I have observed a huge pile of large rocks adjacent to the parking lot at the boat ramp on the Baxter County side of Bull Shoals Dam. I wondered what they were for and then I learned they were for trout habitat. To find out more about the project, I attended the public meeting on it recently held at Arkansas State University Mountain Home Campus.

Starting on or about August 1, 2009 there will be a habitat improvement construction project in the upper end of the Catch and Release section below Bull Shoals Dam (the start date for this project has been postponed until August 17, 2009). The project will be a joint venture with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and the Corps of Engineers. The concept of the project is to provide cover for juvenile trout during periods of high generation. As this is the major spawning area for brown trout on the White River, there are a lot of juvenile trout that need cover.

The habitat will consist of rock piles, root wads and log structures. During the planning phase several local guides were called in and the major spawning beds were identified. In addition the main channel of the river was mapped. The idea is to avoid construction in the spawning beds or clogging of the main channel.

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