published June 25, 2017 by David Faulk

Wildlife Tip #2 Bushhogging

I understand most of you are reading this asking “Bushhogging? Really? Do I really need a tip about how to mow my property?” and I understand.  This brief article isn’t about how to run a tractor or how to use a bush hog.  I’m here to pass on some simple tips about managing for wildlife when operating your bushhog.

One small tip it to change the pattern in which you mow.  Most people mow in an “outside-in” pattern by nature. This method is detrimental to wildlife.  This process traps wildlife and moves them further and further into the middle increasing risk of death.  The best practice is to mow from the inside out.  This allows wildlife to escape the path of the tractor and increases survivability.

Timing of mowing is often overlooked.  The best time to mow your property is during non-nesting season.  Nesting season normally occurs between April-August. The best way to reduce harming ground nesting birds is to perform an early mow before April if needed.  Then in the Fall, September is a great time before deer season to mow and control overgrowth, clear shooting lanes before season, etc.

Another tip is to fight the urge to mow from edge to edge.  Numerous studies show the importance of “buffers” to wildlife.  It is beneficial to leave strips of un-mowed vegetation on the edge of the woods, fields, roads, etc.  This allows a transition zone between tall timber, and short mowed fields.  This allows wildlife to ease out of the woods and examine their surroundings to reduce predation.  It also provides a level of comfort.

Hopefully these tips provided you with some valuable information about managing your property.  Leave us a comment down below!

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